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Every day is an opportunity for you to be a difference-maker for special needs adults! As a Direct Support Professional (DSP) with Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina's Developmental Disabilities Ministry, you do more than provide a group home for these special residents. It's about them achieving incredible goals. It's helping them realize dreams. It's witnessing their joy as they grow spiritually. And it's about giving them a family. If this opportunity excites you, then we may have the perfect ministry for you! In addition, BCH offers a $1000.00 sign-on bonus to all newly hired Direct Support Professional positions ($500.00 after one month of employment and $500.00 after 12 months of employment). SUMMARY The Direct Support Professional must demonstrate the Institution's purpose, philosophy, policies and procedures. The Direct Support Professional works as a team member and oversees the day to day activities and needs of the developmentally disabled adults served. These activities relate to supervising and maintaining individual and group relationships at the assigned areas. The position typically requires 24 hour shifts, 8 days on duty and 6 days off duty. Private staff quarters are provided while on duty. QUALIFICATIONS: * Must have the capability to manage, plan, organize, implement, monitor and maintain agency programs as well as adhere to accreditation standards and N.C. licensing requirements. * For Family Care Home, either 1) have CNA certification OR 2) be willing to take a personal care training course within the first six months (180 days) of employment, and state medication exam within the first three months (90 days) of employment. * Must be at least 23 years of age. * Have at least a high school diploma or equivalent with advanced education preferred. Must be able to read, write, and follow directions. * Have no substantiated findings of abuse or neglect listed on the North Carolina Health Care Personnel Registry. * No prior experience is required, but preferred for Direct Support Professional. * Must demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities required by the individuals served and demonstrate core skills including: (1) technical knowledge; (2) cultural awareness; (3) analytical skills; (4) decision-making; (5) interpersonal skills; (6) communication skills; (7) clinical skills. * Meets qualifications of paraprofessional as outlined by the NC Department of Health and Human Services. * Education, experience, skills, and abilities compatible with the responsibilities outlined in this job description. * A Christian spirit and lifestyle evident in daily actions. * Must possess a valid driver's license. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Daily Responsibilities: Manifests in daily action a Christian spirit and lifestyle. Demonstrates a working knowledge and understanding of: 1. the Institution's structures services, policies and procedures 2. job performance requirements 3. related jobs * Provides support and supervision in a home environment to enable the residents to participate in community activities, social interactions in the home, and participate in a supportive, therapeutic relationship where the primary purpose of the service is care, habilitation, or rehabilitation. * Provides treatment interventions to ensure that the residents acquire skills necessary to compensate for or remediate functional problems as outlines in the person centered plan. * Provides supervision, both on an individual and group basis, oversees residents' daily activities and personal care, assisting and supervising as needed. * Provides Christian role model and spiritual guidance and a Christian environment to include devotions and regular church attendance. * Prepares and provides well balanced meals as outlined by the agency's menus and daily nutritional requirements of residents. * Establishes structure in the home to enable the residents to learn responsibilities and to become functioning members of the home. * Generates an atmosphere which helps each resident feel accepted and respected as a group member. * Maintains a safe home environment including instructing group in safety, fire prevention, fire drills and evacuation plans per policy and procedure. * Plans events for residents, including informal social time, special events and group activities as outlined by the QP, maintaining the required weekly amount of 14 hours. * Complies with safety in accordance with OSHA, food program, sanitation, building code, accreditation standards, and N.C. licensing requirements. * Provides transportation for residents to events, including but not limited to school, work, church, and medical appointments. * Purchases food, supplies, and equipment to meet the needs of each resident according to schedule maintained in group home and upon approval by the QP. * Greets visitors in a positive and hospitable manner. * Provides attention to the medical and dental health needs of each resident as outlined in policies and procedures and directed by the QP. * Maintains agency vehicle in good operating condition by ensuring regular maintenance service. Report any repairs needed to the QP. * Teaches weekly life skills curriculum to residents and allows for group participation and learning. * Meets the general qualifications for employment as outlined in the Institution's personnel policies. Professionalism/Teamwork: * Represents the institution to various individuals, groups, and public in a professional manner. * Maintains professional standards as set by the institution. * Respects the rights of the total team and keeps other team members informed of any changes in the home. * Respects the cultural and socioeconomic diversity of staff members and residents and strives to create a positive relationship within BCH. * Participates in the agency's Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) program as needed. Policies and Procedures: * Maintains all handbooks and support materials. * Completes all paperwork necessary to document services provided and as required by licensure, regulations, and the institution to include, but not be limited to: goal tracking, personal care, resident log, community outings, therapeutic leave, contact notes, service notes, sign in/out form, MARs and all medication and medical services related paperwork, changeover forms, vehicle mileage, incident reports, fire and disaster drill documentation including extinguisher and emergency lights, resident cash and checking documentation, petty cash documentation, filing of documentation in appropriate locations; and other paperwork as needed by the agency or assigned by supervisor. * Maintain proper administration of ALL medications, medication storage, and medication records for each resident. * Participates in all required in-service training. * Assures all rights listed in the Domiciliary Home Resident's Bill of Rights are exercised for each resident and gives assistance to residents in exercising these rights. * Responds to grievances according to the Institution's policies and procedures. * Maintains confidentiality regarding each resident and his or her records. Supervision * Works under the direct supervision of the Qualified Professional (QP)/Administrator. * Participates in DDM and BCH orientation. * Participates in 90 day and annual performance evaluations. * Maintains an open line of communication with supervisor. Requests conferences, as needed, to be able to perform tasks effectively. * Participates in staff training opportunities provided by the Institution and any other agencies as requested by QP and/or required by State of North Carolina.

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