Counselor Intern - FALL 2021

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Counselor Intern District Guidelines I. Before accepting a counselor intern placement the following needs to occur: _____ a. There needs to be an official request for placement made on the requesting institution's letter head. _____ b. The counselor intern needs to take the TeacherFit exam and have a score at or above the average range. _____ c. The counselor intern needs to be interviewed by the hosting school principal and the teacher who is willing to host the individual. _____ d. The principal of the school must recommend the cooperating counselor. _____ e. The cooperating counselor must be licensed by the State in the content/ academic area of the counselor intern and must have at least three years of school counseling experience. _____ f. Cooperating counselors can sponsor counselor intern placements every other year. At a minimum there must be a year before accepting another counselor intern. _____ g. The counselor intern request needs to be reviewed and approved by the Human Resources Department prior to responding to the student or institution. We will attempt to have no more than 10% of a staff hosting counselor intern during any semester. _____h. The paper work for the counselor intern placement will be completed by the hosting school and returned to the Institution requesting the placement. Copies for the paper work will be sent to Human Resources. II. The counselor intern experience: In general, the counselor intern experience is full time with the student gradually assuming responsibility for class and being fully in charge for a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks. The cooperating counselor is to be in the counseling center and actively engaged in counseling at all times with the counselor intern, even when the student is fully in charge. The primary responsibility of insuring that student needs are being met, is still with the cooperating counselor. The counselor intern and the cooperating counselor will work collaboratively to plan and deliver counseling. The experience is to be based on collaboration and co-counseling.

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