Transit Driver Evaluator

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Driver Evaluator This position is for current employees only. For external applicants, please see our available positions on Responsibilities Include: * Follows the formal Driver Evaluator process to document Driver competence using prescribed standards to determine whether the driver's competency level meets company standards and to identify development needs, if any * Conducts and documents required evaluations * Assists in driver recruitment process * Conducts and/or participates in monthly safety meetings * Participates in the development and administration of customer safety awareness programs, and company-sponsored safety programs * Coordinates with safety and training supervisor to notify drivers of upcoming licenses and/or certificate expiration dates * Utilizes video and performance data * Supports safety culture development of CSC * Becomes a certified evaluator within 3 months * Provides safe and reliable transportation service by operating a school bus or other location specific vehicle with a fixed or changing route * Reports to duty on time and maintains route on time but in a safe manner * Physically assists passengers in evacuation of the vehicle in case of emergency * Immediately reports any accident or incident per Company policy * Follows Company Policy around student and/or passenger management * Informs all appropriate personnel of problems/procedures * Presents a neat and professional personal appearance at all times * Completes all required paperwork (including route change sheets, time cards, vehicle repair requests) and submits to the appropriate authority in a timely manner * Maintains a cooperative attitude with fellow employees, supervisors, customers, and passengers while always promoting company goodwill * Safely and efficiently utilizes vehicle equipment, including wheelchair lifts, radios and emergency equipment * Additional responsibilities for our Paratransit Drivers may apply per location * Other duties as assigned Requirements Include: * Must be at least 21 years of age or age required by state law * High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent combination of education, training and experience * Be licensed to operate the relevant vehicle over the relevant geographic area and have held this license for at least two years. * Must meet physical and medical requirements and pass substance abuse screening; as a safety-sensitive employee, will be subject to random substance abuse screening under Company policy * Compliance with all applicable federal, state, county, district, and contract specific Driver requirements * Must complete job-specific assessment * Demonstrated ability to communicate in local language to a level sufficient to read and understand information relevant to driving and to communicate with drivers being evaluated * Must demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness with drivers and co-workers * Ability to successfully communicate and coach individuals * Must satisfactorily complete and pass all training and attend safety meetings and in-service meetings in order to remain qualified * Strong sense of personal accountability * Strong communication and interpersonal skills * Basic computer skills * Must meet Company Driver Training, Evaluator, and Coaching standards within 3 months * Preferred Qualifications (equivalent qualifications from employees of company acquisitions may be considered): * Hold Master Driver status * 2 years accident free driving experience with National Express * No confirmed customer complaints * No disciplinary action * No attendance policy violations * Due to the importance of this role, a six month probationary period applies #dnp National Express is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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