Elevator Modernization Apprentice

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Company Overview Oracle Elevator is the fastest growing independent elevator services provider in the nation. Job Summary: Assist the Modernization Technician in the performance of their duties, which include completing modernizations and repairs for hydraulic and traction elevators; and installing microprocessor controllers, door equipment, pumping units, hoist machines, wiring and connections, fixtures, hoist ropes, packings, etc.; all while learning about the elevator trade in general. Duties and Responsibilities: * Moving elevator equipment onto the job site and removal of existing equipment after the elevator job is completed. * Performing tasks requested by the Lead Elevator Technician in charge of the modernization crew to include the following: * Installation of elevator equipment, both mechanical in nature and electrical * Maintain cleanliness of the modernization job site during onsite work * Enroll in the CET program for elevator apprentices to obtain certification to be a registered elevator mechanic * Must be a good listener and maintain a safe environment under supervision at all times Education and Knowledge: * High School Diploma or equivalent Environmental Demands: * Physical Requirements: Must be able to climb, crawl, stoop, climb ladders, and walk beams. Must be able to lift and carry tools and materials weighing in excess of 50 pounds and be able to raise and carry, with assistance, items weighing 200 pounds. Must be able to work from high ladders and scaffolding. Must be able to work safely in close proximity to moving and working equipment. Must be available to work on an on-call basis in cases of emergency. * Work Environment: May work in dusty and dirty places such as elevator shafts, and pits or other mechanical spaces where temperatures may exceed 100 degrees and equipment may be oily and greasy.


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