Elevator Service Apprentice

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Company Overview Oracle Elevator is the fastest growing independent elevator services provider in the nation. Job Summary Assist in complex maintenance, servicing, repair and troubleshooting of elevators and other related machinery and equipment. Responsibilities and Duties * Investigates problems of an electric, mechanical and/or hydraulic nature related to the operation of elevators, dumbwaiters and wheelchair lifts, determines their problems and makes the necessary repairs. * Conducts preventive maintenance and inspections of elevators, and related devices on a scheduled basis to ensure their effective and efficient operation and conformance to safety regulations and OSHA requirements. * Performs annual tests to ensure the proper operation of safety devices. * Assists in determining the suitability of present elevator equipment, proposed modifications and new equipment. * Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required. Qualifications and Skills Education and Knowledge: * High school diploma or equivalent * Certified Elevator Technician degree or Elevator Mechanic License, preferred * Knowledge and skill in the use of hand and electrical tools such as grinders, drill motors and coring machines. * Knowledge and skill in the use of electrical reading and testing equipment, hoisting and rigging equipment, chain tackles, etc. Environmental Demands: * Physical Requirements- Must be able to climb, crawl, stoop, climb ladders, and walk beams. Must be able to lift and carry tools and materials weighing in excess of 50 pounds and be able to raise and carry with assistance items weighing 200 pounds. Must be able to work from high ladders and scaffolding. Must be able to work safely in close proximity to moving and working equipment. Must be available to work on an on-call basis in cases of emergency. * Work Environment- May work in dusty and dirty places such as elevator shafts, and pits or other mechanical spaces where temperatures may exceed 100 and equipment may be oily and greasy. Benefits and Perks * Free Health Insurance for single coverage * Low health insurance cost for dependent and family coverage * 401(k) match toward your retirement account * Top Pay in the industry * Advancement Opportunities through our CET training program

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